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 Welcome to Ysgol Rhosnesni 

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Thank you for taking the time to consider Ysgol Rhosnesni as your school of choice. Our Open Day and Open Evening has taken place this term. However, if you are interested in visiting our school and talking to us about  becoming a student and part of our school community, please contact us to arrange an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

Change to Published School Training Day

Please note that the training day in the September term is now on Friday 27th October and NOT on Monday 6th November as previously advised.  Apologies for any confusion.

Please click on the link below for the updated school term dates:

School Holiday Dates 2017-18

Our Ethos

At Ysgol Rhosnesni High School we are proud of the achievements of our students in a wide range of fields both academic and enrichment, and we believe in high standards and expectations. We believe that we can make a positive difference to the future life-chances of each and every young person.

We believe in working together with our students to develop their future roles as ambassadors of learning, citizens and workers and aim to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding they will need for future adult life.

Religious Education

RE Short Course Year 10 and 11

Pupils have studied how religious teaching relates to the following topics:

• Relationships – Issues of love, marriage and divorce

• Is it fair? – Issue of justice and equality

• Looking for Meaning – Issues about God, life and death

• Our World – Exploring creation and our place in the world

All work is related to Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


RE GCSE Year 10 and 11

Pupils have been studying Judaism with references to the following topics:

• Key events in the life of Abraham and Moses and key teachings from the Tenakh and Talmud

• Synagogue as a place which Jews express their faith through worship

• Jewish beliefs about the nature of God, sanctity of life and death

• Jewish responses to moral issues such as marriage and divorce

The benefits and challenges a Jew faces in a multi-faith Britain today

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