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Give and Gain

What a wonderful week it has been.

We welcomed the staff from The Principality this week who worked really hard in mixed conditions together with our staff and students to start the Student Garden.

the garden has been a super idea which has come together from staff and students who have worked together to come up with the idea of a student driven allotment and garden. Thanks to the great leadership of Mrs Sears, Mr Whitehead and the students who access Tegfan, along with Mrs Jones and other staff who have donated tools and garden equipment, the idea has moved from a plan to a reality.

Students and staff have installed a poly tunnel, a garden shed, allotment areas, tyres for planting, an insect habitat thanks to Miss Cheetham and mulched areas. The garden will grow and benches and signage will follow over the coming weeks.

The project has demonstrated how the school community can work together to achieve creative projects. Thank you to everybody for their involvement.

It has been a pleasure to welcome students from our cluster primary schools over the past few weeks as part of the programme of transition and helping students to settle into their new high school.

We have had a sharp focus on uniform over this past week and this will continue as we work together to smarten up the standards of uniform across the school. Letters and texts have been sent home and it is important that we work together to ensure that the best standards of uniform are maintained in order to prepare students for the world of work and further learning. We all expect the best and this includes our uniform.

It has been such a positive start to the examination season for Years 10 and 11. This is such a stressful time and emotions run high with students but we have been impressed with how students have been managing their preparations. The revision sessions have been busy before and after school and students are aware of the support on offer. the revision plans and sessions and techniques are paying off but we are still a long way off from the final stages. There will be a half term revision school for students which will be available for all students and in particular those in need of extra support. Every session is so important and we want all of our students to achieve their very best. Please work with us to ensure that students attend, are prepared and ready for their exams. I always say to students, if it isn’t on offer, tell us and we will do it….with so much going on at home and in school, we will continue to work together to get each and every student through these exams.





We have learned a lot from each other this week and we can learn even more from each other next week. I look forward to the last week of the first half of the summer term.

N D Harrison


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