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Good Luck to The Class of 2011

There comes a time for all of us in school when one journey ends and another one begins. Today, Year 11, the Class of 2011, were invited to their Leavers Assembly and an opportunity to wish the students well before they waved goodbye to the end of their long but successful journey through school.

I want to start by thanking the form tutors, past and present, many of whom have been with Year 11 throughout their time in the school and others who have worked with them during the past few years. I want to thank Mr D Roberts and Mr G Roberts who worked with Year 11 as Progress Managers in their early years and Mr Whitney Lang who led the students through their final years and led the students to this point today. I want to thank the staff, past and present for their role in helping and supporting students throughout their time with us. Finally, a thank you to parents and families for the support for the school.

On the first day of the school year back in September 2011, a group of children walked through the gates to Rhosnesni High School with a combination of excitement, expectation and anxiety for the journey ahead. The day before they started here, I started on my journey here with the same anxieties, expectations and excitement for what lay ahead. We have followed their journey with individual interest and shared in their  moments of pride and supported them through their moments of worry and success.
I had the privilege to teach a number of students in the year group in English in Year 7. I  have worked with the students and listened to their views as part of the Student Council and Student Cabinet, watched successful teams, creative artists and musicians, budding scientists, inventors, engineers, linguists and teachers, nurses and carers, mentors and mathematicians, photographers and orators,  talented sports leaders and footballers, swimmers, netballers and performers. I have been inspired by the determination of aspiring politicians and aspiring activists, I’ve seen how the power of students beliefs have brought about change, inspired others, commanded respect and above all I’ve been impressed by Year 11 and their commitment to helping others whether as Peer Mentors or as members of our Student Leadership Team. Students have been stylish and smart in their uniform and have been successful role models for the younger students who I hope will follow in their footsteps and take up the challenge of being as successful as the Year 11 have become in setting the standard of success. There are so many excellent achievements in this year group and so many memories to cherish. I remember interviewing some of the year group to be members of my Student Leadership Team last year and asking the question, ‘When you leave the school, what will you be most proud of? ‘ One of the students said to me, ‘ I want to leave a footprint on the school.’

We have experienced some difficult times together, many happy times and we have faced many challenges together. We will all have special memories of their  time in school and this school has been a better school with our Year 11 in it.  Students have had many ideas to change the school and they’ve made it better and I am confident that as they go around our school they can say, ‘We did that’ or ‘We made that happen!’

I hope that students feel that their time in this school has been a productive one. I have seen children grow into young adults and determined pillars of our school community, vague ideas and dreams turned into careers and bigger dreams and we are proud of everything that they have achieved and everything that they will go on to achieve.

I wish each and every student every success in their future careers and thank you for your contribution to our school. At this time of year when we say farewell to Year 11, I am reminded of the Rhosnesni motto….Once Rhosnesni, always Rhosnesni.

A very wise man once said, ‘The best way to predict the future is to go out and create it…’

Good luck but not good bye.

Mr N D Harrison

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