Our Staff


  • Mr PJ Agnew – Interim Headteacher

Leadership Team

  • Mr PJ Agnew Interim Headteacher
  • Miss V Brown Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs SA Williams Assistant Headteacher
  • Miss D Edwards Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs D Norman Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs Suzanne Blackshaw Business Manager

English Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mrs R Randles, Learning Manager English
  • Miss L Mundy,  Assistant Learning Manager English
  • Mrs D Jones
  • Miss J Pamphlett
  • Miss D Autiero
  • Mr M Needham
  • Mrs G Roberts, Literacy Co-ordinator

Mathematics Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mrs E Topliss, Learning Manager Mathematics
  • Mrs A Ashley, Assistant Learning Manager Mathematics
  • Miss C Lewis
  • Miss G Wood
  • Mr G Loughlin

Science Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mr N Mann, Learning Manager Science
  • Mrs L Joy, Assistant Learning Manager Science
  • Mrs C Drummond
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Mrs L Hasford

ICT Subject Area/ Responsibility

  • Mrs F Williams,  Learning Manager ICT, French
  • Mr A Kulke


  • Mr A Roberts, Subject Leader Geography,
  • Mr I Farquharson Subject Leader History
  • Miss C Rowlands, Subject Leader RE
  • Mrs C Hughes History, Transition Co-ordinator, Progress Manager Yr 7 & 8
  • Mr C Whitney-Lang Geography/Progress Manager Yr 9
  • Mrs SA Williams Geography/Assistant Headteacher

Design Technology

  • Mrs JA Williams, Learning Manager D&T
  • Miss S Evans
  • Miss B Gorman

Creative Arts

  • Mrs C Nelson, Subject Leader Art/Creative Arts
  • Miss E Rogers, Performing Arts/Music
  • Mr T Humphries, Music


  • Mrs H Catton, Subject Leader French
  • Miss E DeRosa – Heard, Subject Leader Welsh
  • Miss L Parry, Welsh
  • Mrs J Fell French, Progress Manager Yr 10 & 11
  • Mrs F Williams, French/Learning Manager ICT

PE/ Leisure

  • Miss D Edwards,  Learning Manager PE & Leisure/Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr DM Roberts, Assistant Learning Manager
  • Mr DW Roberts
  • Miss C Hughes

Learning Support

  • Mrs C Dingle, Inclusion Manager/ALNCO
  • Mrs V Brackenbury, i/c Severe Speech & Language Resource
  • Miss J Robbins, Speech & Language Teacher
  • Mr P Widders, Hearing Impaired Manager

Progress Managers

 Key Stage 3

  • Year 7/8 – Mrs C Hughes, Progress Manager
  • Year 9 – Mr C Whitney Lang, Progress Manager

Key Stage 4

  • Year 10/11 – Miss J Fell, Progress Manager
  • Year 10/11 – Mrs A Taylor, Progress and Achievement Coordinator

Business Manager

  •  Mrs S Blackshaw

Headteacher’s PA

  • Mrs J Maclean

Administrative Officers

  • Mrs S Hughes, Examination Officer
  • Mrs T Prydderch, Data Manager
  • Mrs J Evans, Attendance

Administrative Assistants

  • Mrs S Chidlow
  • Mrs L Westaway
  • Mrs K Price
  • Mrs C Roberts
  • Mrs K Roberts

Technical Support

  • Mr R Jones (IT Network Manager)
  • Mrs E Williams (Science)
  • Mr M Jones (D & T)
  • Mr D Quinn (IT)

Student Well Being Co-ordinator/Designated Child Protection Officer

  •  Mrs D Payne

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs J Ashley
  • Mrs S Catford
  • Ms S Edwards
  • Mrs R Jones
  • Mrs K White
  • Mrs J Williams
  • Mrs N Huxley
  • Miss C Jones
  • Miss R Lewis
  • Miss M Phoenix

Specialist Support

  • Mrs L Firman
  • Mrs J Hamilton
  • Mrs T Jenkins
  • Miss A Potts


  • Mrs S Jones


  •  Ms J Claybrook

Site Managers

  • Mrs P Davies
  • Mr P Hughes

Pastoral Support Manager

  • Mr S Clarke

Cover Supervisors

  • Mrs G Colley
  • Mrs K Hatton
  • Mrs C Williams

Learning Coach

  • Mrs A Taylor

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Howell

Behaviour Support 

  • Mr D Norman
  • Mr S Clarke
  • Mrs T Sear
  • Mrs T Millington
  • Mrs K White
  • Mr K Whitehead

Youth Workers

  • Ms M Davies
  • Mr R Thomas

Education Social Worker

  •  Mr J Hodgeson (Safeguarding & Child Protection)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

  • Mrs K Sarnowska

Swimming Instructor

  • Mrs D Cameron-Evans



Latest events

Friday 2nd March

School is open as normal to all students and we will monitor the situation throughout the day.  Please take care on the roads and pavements surrounding the school as there is lots of ice.  For the safety of our staff and students please drop students outside the school gates wherever possible. 

If at any stage a decision is made to close the school the information will be put onto the WCBC School information pages by the Headteacher as soon as the school site has been inspected and information is available – http://wrexham.gov.uk/english/education/school_status.cfm

If anything changes parents will be kept up to date throughout the day via text updates and information will be made available on the schools Twitter account and the school website. 

We politely ask that you please check for online updates before calling the school directly for information.

Thank you for your support.

Miss V Brown, Deputy Headteacher


Appointment of Headteacher – 26th January 2018

The Governing Body are pleased to confirm the appointment of  Mr Andrew Brant the new Headteacher at Ysgol Rhosnesni.  Mr Brant will be joining us in the Summer Term from City Academy in Birmingham and we look forward to welcoming him to Ysgol Rhosnesni.  Please see letter below being sent home with all students this afternoon.

Headteacher Appointment Letter










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