Our Staff


  • Mr N Harrison, Headteacher

Leadership Team

  • Mr N Harrison Headteacher (Child Protection & Safeguarding)
  • Miss V Brown Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs SA Williams Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr DM Jones Assistant Headteacher
  • Miss D Edwards Acting Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs Suzanne Blackshaw Business Manager

English Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mrs R Randles English, Learning Manager / Associate Assistant Headteacher (Literacy)
  • Miss L Mundy English, Assistant Learning Manager
  • Mrs D Jones English
  • Miss J Pamphlett English
  • Miss D Autiero English
  • Miss R Griffiths English

Mathematics Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mr DM Jones Mathematics, Learning Manager / Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs A Ashley Assistant Learning Manager
  • Miss C Lewis Mathematics
  • Miss G Wood Mathematics
  • Miss E Topliss Mathematics
  • Mr L Jones Mathematics

Science Subject Area/Responsibility

  • Mr N Mann Science,  Learning Manager
  • Mrs C Drummond, Science
  • Mrs L Joy Science, Assistant Learning Manager
  • Mrs S Smith, Science
  • Mrs L Hasford, Science
  • Miss S Cheatham, Science

ICT Subject Area/ Responsibility

  • Mrs A Lloyd-Williams ICT, Learning Manager
  • Mrs F Williams ICT / French


  • Mr A Roberts, Subject Leader Geography,
  • Mr I Farquharson Subject Leader History/Assistant Learning Manager
  • Miss C Rowlands, Subject Leader RE
  • Mrs C Hughes History, Associate Assistant Headteacher (Transition)
  • Mr C Whitney-Lang Geography/ Progress Manager
  • Mrs SA Williams Geography/ Assistant Headteacher

Design Technology

  • Mrs JA Williams D & T, Learning Manager
  • Miss R Jenkins D & T
  • Miss B Gorman D & T

Creative Arts

  • Miss E Rogers, Performing Arts/Music
  • Mrs C Nelson, Subject Leader Art/Creative Arts


  • Mrs H Catton French, Subject Leader
  • Miss E DeRosa – Heard, Welsh, Subject Leader
  • Miss L Parry Welsh
  • Mrs J Fell French French, Associate Assistant Headteacher (KS4 Interventions and Tracking)
  • Mrs F Williams French / ICT

PE/ Leisure

  • Miss D Edwards, PE & Leisure, Learning Manager / Acting Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr D Roberts, PE / Assistant Learning Manager
  • Mr DW Roberts, PE / Progress Manager
  • Mrs S Ward, PE

Learning Support

  • Mrs C Dingle, Inclusion Manager/SENCO
  • Mrs V Brackenbury i/c Severe Speech & Language Resource
  • Miss J Robbins, Speech & Language Teacher
  • Mr P Widders Hearing Impaired Manager

Progress Manager 

 Key Stage 3

  • Year 7 – Mrs C Hughes, Progress Manager
  • Year 8 – Mr DW Roberts, Progress Manager
  • Year 9 – Mr C Whitney Lang, Progress Manager

Key Stage 4

  • Year 10 and 11 – Miss J Fell, Progress Manager
  • Year 10 and 11 – Mrs A Taylor, Progress and Achievement Coordinator

Business Manager

  •  Mrs S Blackshaw

Headteacher’s PA

  • Mrs J Maclean

Administrative Assistants

  • Mrs S Chidlow
  • Mrs G Green
  • Mrs K Price
  • Mrs C Roberts
  • Mrs J Davies

Technical Support

  • Mr C Bryan (IT)
  • Mrs E Williams (Science)
  • Mr M Jones (D & T)
  • Mr D Quinn (IT)

Student Well Being Co-ordinator

  •  Mrs D Payne (Safeguarding & Child Protection)

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs J Ashley
  • Ms S Edwards
  • Mrs R Jones
  • Mrs K White
  • Mrs J Williams
  • Mrs N Huxley
  • Miss C Jones
  • Miss R Lewis
  • Mrs B Phoenix
  • Mrs M Smillie
  • Mrs Y Jackson (Restorative Justice)

Specialist Support

  • Mrs L Firman
  • Mrs J Hamilton
  • Mrs T Jenkins
  • Miss A Potts


Administrative Officers

  • Mrs S Hughes (Examinations / Cover)
  • Mr M Cleverley (Attendance)
  • Miss J Ali (Data Manager)


  • Mrs S Jones


  •  Ms J Claybrook

Site Managers

  • Mrs P Davies
  • Mr P Hughes

Pastoral Support Manager

  • Mr G Hatton (Safeguarding / Designated Child Protection Officer)

Cover Supervisors

  • Mrs G Colley
  • Mrs J Davies
  • Mrs K Hatton
  • Mrs C Williams


  • Mrs T Jenkins
  • Miss L Firman
  • Miss A Potts

Learning Coach

  • Mrs A Taylor

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Howell

Behaviour Support 

  • Mrs T Sear
  • Mrs T Millington
  • Mrs K White
  • Mr K Whitehead

Youth Workers

  • Ms M Davies
  • Mr R Thomas

Education Social Worker

  •  Mr J Hodgeson (Safeguarding & Child Protection)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

  • Mrs K Sarnowska

Swimming Instructor

  • Mrs D Cameron-Evans



Latest events

Welcome to Ysgol Rhosnesni. It has been a very busy term with lots of activities and projects taking place across the school. We have welcomed students from our cluster primary schools to English Master Classes, launched the Arts Council Lead Creative Schools programme, held Mock Interview Day for Year 11 students, welcomed many visitors to our school and students have visited Berlin in February and our latest trip to Iceland takes place in April.

It has been our pleasure to welcome many parents to our Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 Parent Consultation Evenings and for your feedback. 

After a very busy half term we will be closing for the Easter holidays on Friday April 7th at 3.00pm and re-opening on Tuesday 25th April.

There will be a programme of Easter Revision School sessions. Details have been sent home. Please see attached timetable below:

Easter School 2017 Timetable

For information on the opportunity for Airbus Engineering Workshops, please click here Airbus Saturdays Summer Programme

Finally, we would like to welcome all of the students who will be joining us in September to become part of the Rhosnesni Family. For more details about joining Ysgol Rhosnesni, contact Mr Harrison, Headteacher or Mrs Hughes, Transition Co-ordinator.

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